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Lot #:006 Title:CHINA-EMPIRE 1910 50 Cents Silver Pattern, NGC MS67
Estimate(US $):3000-6000 Realized (US $):33040 add to my favorite
CHINA-EMPIRE ND(1910) 50 Cents Silver Pattern, L&M25, Y23, NGC MS67. Highest graded by grading service. H.F.Bowker East Asia Collection

According to almost all the historical records, including research articles wrote by world leading numismatists Woodward and Kann, the 1910 Ta Qing Ti Kuo series coin dies were made at the Tientsin mint by Italian engraver L. Giorgi. Nonetheless, Giuseppe Ros, counselor of Italy embassy and a dedicated Chinese coin expert wrote in his 1917 book "Coins of the Republic of China" that the dies for the 1910 Ta Qing Ti Kuo series were made in Austria.

In the early 1980's, the British numismatist Richard Wade dedicated a lot of time researching this series. Dr. Karl Schulz of the Vienna Art Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum) confirmed that the dies of the 1910 Ta Qing Ti Kuo series were made at the Vienna mint, and that die-making equipment was preserved in the museum. Rudolf Neuberger, Adolf Hofmann and Josef Prinz worked together to carve the mold.

Denominations for this series include one dollar, 1/2 dollar, 1/4 dollar and 1/10 dollar. This was the only series using fractional numbers as denominations, and the 1/4 dollar is the only Chinese coinage in this denomination.

A set of 1910 coin in lead appeared in a major Southeast Asia Collection with a presented box. This set was offered at December 2010 Champion Auction without the presented box.

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